We reached out to Bill Kingsland, Director of Music at Dartmouth High School about the process.

"We have submitted the standard application, photos, and a video link. We did get a
confirmation response that our application was received. Congressman Keating has sent a letter of recommendation on our behalf as have others in the community."

In a letter to the Standard Times, Patricia Washburn, class of 1983, wrote that they hope the band will NOT play at the inauguration, stating that "not only would it be an expensive and chaotic event, but it would also legitimize a presidency that was ill-gotten, and a man determined to sacrifice U.S. interests to his foreign allies."

I'm sorry, but there are some once-in-a-lifetime opportunities that you just cannot let slip away because of politics. Yes, this is the inauguration of Donald Trump we are talking about. No, I am not a fan. However, if these kids have the chance to say that they took part in a historical event alongside their classmates, while proudly representing their hometown...that's worth setting aside any political beliefs for one day. I'd be so proud to see the DHS band participate in the inauguration, should their application be accepted.

Kingsland stated that the decision to apply was solely in the interest of the band members and the parents who have supported them. "We are not politically motivated in relation to this opportunity and have applied based on the interest of some motivated parents in our support association. We would consider it an honor to perform for any duly elected president of the United States."

An honor it would be, and best of luck to the band members at DHS.

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