What happens when 19 school kids get together to sell lemonade? Awesomeness!

A group of students at DeMello School in Dartmouth have been getting together before school starts for weeks to prep their Greater Fall River Lemonade Day stand.

According to teacher Rachael Dyer, the kids have really been working as a group...voting on which flavors to offer and what to call their stand as well as using teamwork to put the stand together.

And we LOVE these awesome life lessons their learning at the same time!

If you're out visiting lemonade stands this Saturday, you'll find Literally Lemonade right at DeMello School.

They'll be serving both pink lemonade and classic lemonade, as well as fresh squeezed lemonade for the purists, from 10a-3p. And they'll have treats like cookies and brownies.

Here some of the Lemonade Day work these kids have already put it...

So get out there and support them this Saturday!

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