Dear America,

I'm tired. I'm exhausted by the selfish nature of our discourse. Too many are focused on what "I feel." Too few are concerned with how "you feel."

I challenge every single person that reads this to ask themselves, "Why?"

"Why am I so upset?"

"Why do those who view the issues differently feel the way they do?"

For example, I often ask people on the Colin Kaepernick issue, "Why do you think kneeling is so bad?"

The response is typically regarding a level of respect for the military and the flag. Instead of immediately going on the attack about how police brutality is an issue, I again ask...


"Why is it disrespectful?"

"Do you think you'd feel differently if he were just protesting a different issue?"

"Do you think if, instead of kneeling, it was only a raised fist, you'd feel differently?"

"Why do you think he is kneeling?"

"How do you feel about the issue of police brutality, or the idea of disproportionate mistreatment of minorities by police?"

The best and most eye-opening conversations I've had regarding this issue, and others, are simply because I asked questions.

I've had my opinions changed, and I've changed the opinions of others. I've learned things I never would've considered, and others have told me the same.

If we started asking each other instead of telling each other, I assure you we'd come to many more solutions. We'd find our empathy again.

If you ask me, that'd be a pretty damn good thing.

Instead of being angry, let's become more curious.

Just think about it and try it.


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