Even though we're still pre-Thanksgiving, you can't say that the spirit of Christmas isn't in the air. Aside from last week's snow, a Secret Santa made a stop at the Dartmouth Walmart yesterday.

You could hear the surprise in Alicia Lucas' voice this morning on the radio. There was also a touch of humility in her disbelief.

"There are still great people in the world," she told us. One of those giving people came into her life yesterday while she was shopping at the Walmart in Dartmouth.

Alicia and her boyfriend were shopping for Christmas decorations and toys for her two daughters. They were using the self-service checkout to cash out. Alicia inserted the cash that was in her wallet, then went to use her debit card on the remaining balance, when she realized she had left her card at home.

"I told my boyfriend to go get somebody to cancel the order, when the lady behind me said, 'Honey, do you need some money?' I looked at the machine and told her, 'Oh, no, that's too much.' Before I could do anything, she had swiped her card and paid for it."

"I left the store, my eyes were watering, I had to call you guys right away," said Lucas.

Alicia says the balance was $137.26. She was shocked. Alicia says she thanked the woman at the store, but that she was so shocked that she wished she got her information so that she could pay her back, or offer her more than just a thank you.

Her message to the mystery Santa?

"Thank you! You are so sweet and kind. You went above and beyond, and my kids are going to enjoy Christmas this year," she said.

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