Dear Dartmouth Walmart Security Guy,

It never fails. Every time I leave Crossfit Dartmouth, I get a text from my wife asking me to pick up a few things at Walmart on State Road.

Last night she was looking for some bottled water, milk and paper towels.

I ran in, grabbed what I needed and headed to the self-checkout.

I've gotten pretty good at the scanner gun, but whenever I use the self-checkout, I feel like you are eyeballing me. It's probably all in my head, but I feel like it causes me to look guilty, if that is possible. I feel like I give off guilty vibes that you're picking up on.  It's probably because I've read that you guys are cracking down on shoplifting from the self-checkout people who think they're putting one over on the store.

So, I'll be honest. I wasn't surprised at all when you stopped me to check my receipt and take a look at my cart last night.

I was surprised, though, when you took such a long time to look in my cart. Clearly. there was something wrong. I know how long that check usually takes.

Something was off.

Here we go, I thought.  Did I screw up my checkout and now you're going to accuse me of shoplifting?

"Your receipt is showing that you got two packages of the Bounty paper towels," you said, "but I'm only seeing one in your cart."

It turns out that I did indeed mess up the checkout, but I was cheating myself out of $24 in paper towels. In other words, you just saved me some money. Dude! In these days of extreme inflation, every penny counts! Thank you.

I ran, grabbed another package of paper towels and walked out very thankful that you checked my receipt

The moral of the story is that you and your security colleagues positioned at the exit are not always there to just look out for the store, but to look out for customers, too.

Thank you, Dartmouth Walmart Security Guy.

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