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Tracy Rappa has been a waitress at the Village Café in Dartmouth for 20 years.
She has had her fair share of regulars who come frequently and chat about their lives as they order the same items each time. On Tuesday, November 24, she was talking to one of these loyal customers when someone sitting at another table overheard the conversation.

Rappa posted about the kind exchange on a town Facebook group.

“I’m sharing here in hopes that this will reach my ‘Secret Santa.’ It’s no secret that I have the best customers at Village Café in Dartmouth, but a special thank you to a gentleman who was dining alone at a table this morning. He obviously overheard my conversation with one of my regulars. I had to replace a tire while out of work during the shutdown. Now I need another one and I was saying that I was just waiting on a call with a price because if it wasn’t too expensive, I would just replace the remaining three as long as I could afford it.

The gentleman sitting alone at his table enjoying his breakfast decided to perform a random act of kindness that Rappa will not soon forget.

Photo Contributed by Tracy Rappa
Photo Contributed by Tracy Rappa

"After he left, I found this very generous tip with a note on his credit card slip. Thank you, Brendan! You know who you are for being my Secret Santa. I appreciate it very much and I just wanted to let everyone know how lucky we are to have the best customers in the world! Just another thing to be thankful for today!”

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