I'll admit from the get-go that I'm a weird individual. I find nothing wrong with being different, but sometimes others tend to view my lifestyle as a bit much.

For instance, I'm a big fan of food and I'm not afraid to try most things. From bugs to kangaroo beef jerky, I've been around the "Ewww, that's disgusting" block a few times before. Just like the time I shared my recipe for squirrel quesadillas. To me they're called "tree chickens," but to a majority of normal people in the world, eating squirrels is downright gross.

If you are reading this, chances are you have downloaded our app or signed up for our newsletter, so you always get our latest articles, such as the one about squirrel quesadilla (and if not, you should really jump on both). Well, Zachariah Porter of Dartmouth, who is TikTok famous with almost two million subscribers, gets our newsletter and that article was delivered to his inbox.

That's when, as he puts it, it was the "squirrel that broke the camel's back."

First of all, Zachariah, if you're reading this, know that I'm not even mad about being called out. As a matter of fact, I found it very entertaining and actually caught myself falling down a rabbit hole of TikToks on your account.

My only feedback is this: don't knock it until you try it. That's my motto in life and it's not like I'm the only one in the world who enjoys a casual squirrel dinner now and then, so how bad can it be?

My first thought was to react to the video with a simple duet:

You know what, it's not enough. If I'm going to be called out, then I challenge you, Zachariah, to at least try one bite of my infamous squirrel quesadilla and also invite you to the studio for a LIVE on-air reaction to it.

What's the worst that can happen? I don't mind taking the heat, but at least give it a shot first before unsubscribing to Fun 107.

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