For someone who has never been a fan of or understood the hype of Target, I will now admit that I've been blind for far too long.

Let's be honest, once you walk through Target's doors, you're guaranteed to leave with at least one item. In reality, you probably went there for one item and left with 20 things you didn't know you needed.

Today I ran into a major dilemma that almost ruined my weekly schedule. I'm not lying when I tell you that between my own and my girlfriend's work schedules, our fitness plan for the week, daily dog duties and food prep, we barely have a second for conversation. Grocery shopping consumes our time and more often than not, it's inconvenient.

It's Sunday and we realized as we opened up the fridge that there is nothing to cook or prepare for our lunches or dinners for the week.

"There is just not enough time," we both muttered out loud, "and Stop & Shop's Peapod delivery service will take up to 48 hours to get here."

As we were getting together a grocery list, essentially planning on making a trip to Stop & Shop, I'm not sure where she found the resource, but she brought to my attention the fact that Target now has a delivery service.

"You can get groceries and everyday essentials directly to your door as soon as one hour after your order," she reads out loud from Business Insider, which also specifies that the membership is cost effective: it's either $14 per month or $99 per year, but they'll give you a FREE two-week trial.

Once I discovered that Target had partnered with Shipt, a grocery delivery company, back in September 2018, I was instantly intrigued.

We downloaded the Shipt app, which also allows you to purchase items from other local franchises such as CVS, Shaw's, Target, etc, and went to work.

Item after item, we added to the list, I was starting to worry about the total sum of our order. I was completely convinced that we were looking at $250 - $300 total, and was very surprised with the outcome. We owed $141.92 with FREE shipping due to the fact that Target's policy is free shipping for every order over $35.00. Absolutely insane!

Within an hour window, we received text messages from a local Target worker in Swansea updating our order. We chose to go with an option that allows the "Target Shopper" to use their best judgement to collect our order. If there was an item that was unavailable at the time, they would choose the next best thing or similar item. When we got our order, we were more than satisfied, even with our shopper's judgement.

Shipt App
Shipt App

In addition to groceries, you can order items such as household essentials, cleaning supplies pet products, and cosmetics. I'm talking about having Cards Against Humanity, sippy cups and even tennis balls delivered to your front door—basically anything that Target sells.

This service is offered seven days a week and if you're wondering how much money you're saving, let's compare for a moment the price evaluation between Amazon Prime (or Amazon Fresh for select area) and Target's Shipt. Amazon is $119 a year, whereas Target is $99.

Do I have your attention now?

I have never been someone who shops at Target, but after the experience I've encountered today, greeting our shipper Laura F at the door and her telling us how much she loves her job "shopping for us" and then bringing it to us with a full-blown smile on her face, I am convinced and instantly hooked on Target's delivery service.

I highly recommend this service to anyone with a busy schedule who just cant seem to find enough time in the day to get stuff done.

Long story short, I have found a newfound love for Target that I never knew was there before and honestly, I'm not ashamed to say it.


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