There was a pretty gnarly incident on Interstate 195 in Dartmouth earlier this morning that involved a rogue surfboard and a Nissan Rogue SUV.

Someone was traveling down the highway with a surfboard, which came loose from the vehicle and slammed into the front end of a Nissan Rogue. The surfboard was lodged into a thin slot on the grill perfectly like a dart hitting the bullseye on a dartboard.

The Massachusetts State Police responded to the call and reported the following on their Facebook:

"SURFS UP in Dartmouth. While on patrol Trooper Pereira was dispatched to a unusual call. He arrived on scene to a surfboard lodged into a vehicle on RT 195 in Dartmouth. The vehicle that the board came from never stopped but thankfully no one was injured. Please enjoy this beautiful weather as we get into the summer months AND make sure items are properly secured to your vehicles." -Massachusetts State Police

It's good that nobody was hurt, but there certainly were a lot of "burns" underneath the comment section on Facebook:

"I expect to see this on a Farmers Insurance Hall of Claims commercial!" Sue Nelsen wrote.

"One of those 'This ain't goin anywhere' situations. (Guys will understand)," wrote Jack Bakker

"I hope the trooper told the operator to "hang ten" while he dispatched a tow truck!" Alex Weir wrote.

"How very Lethal Weapon II…minus the guy having a surfboard where his head used to be, thankfully!" James Kenney wrote.

"If I drove by that, I'd have a small chuckle. A lo 'ha,'" wrote Kavi Siegel.

Let this be a perfect example to double, if not triple-check any belongings that are being strapped down to your car so that the photo seen above doesn't happen to you. The driver in this situation was very lucky, because things could have turned out much worse if the surfboard had gone across the windshield and blocked the driver's field of vision – or worse.

The owner of the surfboard has yet to claim back his property, but we will keep you informed once we find out further details from the state police.

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