There are two things that are rarities in my life: drinking Starbucks coffee and shopping at Target.

I'm not a fancy guy and when it comes to any type of shopping in particular, I often avoid going at all costs (except for groceries). However, I saw a TikTok one day while falling down the social media platform's rabbit hole that made me very curious.

The TikTok brought up a question, do you get refills at Starbucks while you're shopping at Target? The answer is yes, but it's limited to what you can refill. For example, you can't buy a Frappuccino and expect to get a second Frappuccino. Here's what you can get free refills of:

  • Hot coffee
  • Iced coffee
  • Iced teas

I call this the "Starbucks Hack" and apparently is only works at the Target locations. I spoke with an associate at the Dartmouth location, Vanessa Branco, who confirmed the Starbucks freebie.

"You can buy any drink as your first drink and then you get free refills on iced coffee, hot coffee and iced tea after that," Branco explained. "That’s 100 percent true for all Target Starbucks locations, even at standalone Starbucks as well. It has to be same day with your receipt."

To test this out, I headed over to Target off of Route 6 and stopped at the Starbucks inside first, where I got a refreshing iced coffee. As I finished up my shopping, I paid for my things and headed back to the Starbucks with an empty cup of melted ice and a receipt as proof. Five minutes later, I walked away with a second iced coffee on the house.

Trust me, with these hot days rolling in, there's nothing more refreshing than a free refill on your iced tea or coffee.

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