With Memorial Day weekend here and the Fourth of July right around the corner, the Dartmouth Police Department would like to remind the SouthCoast that owning or selling fireworks is illegal.

There's a time and place to celebrate the holiday with fireworks and it should be left in the hands of the professionals. The DPD acknowledged on Facebook that they are aware that there will be illegal fireworks and they plan on cracking down to the best of their ability.

"As the volume of fireworks calls on some nights can be quite overwhelming, please know that we will do our very best to respond to each one in a timely manner," the department posted.

That being said, it seems that the SouthCoast could use a refresher course on the consequences you'll have to face if you decide to set off fireworks. According to Mass.Gov, here's a summary of the Massachusetts law and penalties when caught handling fireworks:

  • If caught using or in possession of fireworks- Confiscation and a fine ($10-$100).
  • If caught selling fireworks- Confiscation, a fine ($100-$1,000) and imprisonment up to one year.

Once the police have confiscated the fireworks, the perpetrator will not be able to retrieve them back and an on-call Police Bomb Squad will dispose of the explosives accordingly.

It's plain and simple, if you want to enjoy some fireworks, stick to your town or city's scheduled events put on by professionals. Not only is it safer, but keep in mind the mental health of others who may be suffering from PTSD and also pets and animals who are sensitive to the loud explosions and bright lights.

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