The first day of school is always the “set-up day.” You know, where you show up and meet the teacher for the first time and introduce yourself to the other kids in class. Maybe your teacher has set up a few ice breaker-type games for everyone to get to know one another a little better. Then you get into the syllabus and learn the class rules.

Well, this year is a little different because not everyone is starting off in the classroom. Some kids are kicking this year off at home, like in Dartmouth. The school department has most students in remote learning, and the Dartmouth Police Department wants to make sure these kids know that there are still rules to follow from home. This is what the department posted on Facebook:

“With the school year finally upon us, Chief Levesque and the members of DPD would like to remind the students of Dartmouth about a few of the new rules:

  1. No running in the hallway, as you might trip over your cat or dog.
  2. No eating or drinking in the classroom, as your father just shampooed the rugs last week.
  3. Making some silly TikTok video that absolutely NO ONE over the age of 40 will understand, will not count as credit towards your A/V project.
  4. Treat the lunch lady with the utmost respect, because not only is she going to be cooking for you for several more years to come, but we have also heard that she can get a bit crazy if pushed hard enough.
  5. Comfort animals are only allowed in the classroom if you can promise that they won't hop onto your keyboard and expose their kibbles and bits to the rest of the class.
  6. Make sure that you put pants on before getting up from your desk.
  7. Lastly, do not congregate outside of the classroom, as your mother and/or father might need to squeeze by, and their patience is already worn thin enough with you because you've been home with them since March!

Have a great school year everyone. Please stay safe and healthy!

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