Stephanie Macedo is a Dartmouth resident and proud owner of a ‘Little Free Library.’ The Little Free Library project started back in 2009 with a ‘take a book, leave a book’ operation and is the world’s largest book-sharing movement. “We are avid readers and enjoy sharing our love of books with the community,” said Macedo. “We started our library this past summer.”

However, the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak presented an even bigger opportunity to share with the SouthCoast. “We decided to transition to the pantry because our community needs even more than books right now and this was our little way of helping how we can,” Macedo explained.

Macedo removed all the books from the mini collection and replaced them with cans and boxes of food. She left a note for anyone who may pass by to let them know that the items inside were, in fact, safe to touch. “Take what you need! Bring what you can. All items have been disinfected with Clorox wipes. Please leave donations below the box so we can clean them! Be safe and healthy!”

Stephanie Macedo
Stephanie Macedo

Macedo is happy to help her fellow neighbors in this way, showing her kids what it means to support one another. “Our kids are young, nine, seven, and four. We really love doing things like this as a family.”

Macedo posted photos of the Little Free Pantry on a community Facebook page to inform others of the resource. “Hi, neighbors! We have decided to use our little library as a little pantry during this time. Please stop by and grab something if you need it! No questions asked. Located in front of 151 Lexington Ave. North Dartmouth. Love from the Macedos!”

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