Every now and then I stumble across what I like to call "social media gold" and I'm excited to share with you my latest find.

These days, to get out in front of the crowd, you have to make people pay attention to you. So whether or not that means juggling chainsaws, performing the most difficult surgery in the world on a rhinoceros, or something as simple as advertising, then you have to deliver and give the people what they want.

In this case, over in South Dartmouth is a small yet mighty liquor store on the side of Planet Fitness and Ying Dynasty in the Big Value Plaza. It's called Acme Liquors and its Instagram game is pretty impressive. For example, on Thursday, September 16, the store posted a video of a guy freestyling about alcohol and it is must-see TV:

I had so many questions, but more importantly, I needed to find out who this guy in the video is that's rapping about some tequila brand I've never heard of. So off to South Dartmouth I went.

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Behind the counter was a very personable guy who goes by Will (he says that's what everyone calls him), and his uncle just bought the store back in January of 2021. He told me that the person in the video was just one of his very talented delivery drivers. I was bummed that I missed him, because I was going to put his skills to the test. Perhaps next time.

Meanwhile, new ownership and management can only mean one thing: a new social media account for the store. It's quite genius if you ask me, and as long as Will stays active on it, and continues to post videos of his delivery guy who reminds me of Morpheus from the Matrix with those spiffy glasses on, then I'd say that little Acme is going places.

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