Pop-up lawn signs seem to be the new trend lately, but one particular sign is making the world of a difference in Dartmouth.

The Humane Society & Shelter SouthCoast is shining a light on pet owners and animal lovers alike across the town of Dartmouth with a sign that reads "Guardian Angel."

I called over to the shelter and found out that these signs are a spinoff from a Christmas mailing they've done in the past. With all the fundraisers and charity events getting canceled over the past year, this was a way to safely get the word out to help support a local cause.

"We thought to ourselves, these animals need a guardian angel," Executive Director, Melinda Ventura said. "We created the sign to show support for the shelter animals from the community."

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Ventura mentioned that there are a lot of elderly animals that are being brought in and the costs to keep them up to date with shots and dental care can really add up. That's where the community can lend a hand for a paw. The "Guardian Angel" signs are in fact the very first in the area to display the organization on it.

The Human Society will be accepting any donations of $25 or more per sign and supporters can either show up to the shelter to purchase one or go online, where there will soon be a form to sign up for those who do not want to risk going out quite yet. Volunteers from the Humane Society will gladly drop off the signs for anyone who ordered.

"We're having fun with this campaign," Ventura said. "We're asking people who have bought a sign to take a photo of it on their front lawns to help spread the love."

It's a great message that reminds people that charities more than ever could use the help so that they can continue on with their work to help save the lives of local animals.

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