There's a heartwarming story out of Dartmouth about a young girl named Bella who has a love for both animals and sewing.

Her father, Roberto Couto, told Fun 107 that she one day inspires to be a veterinarian, so in the meantime, she raises chickens and works hard for her money.

"We started off with three chickens that she bought and now we have about 13," Couto said.

She’s only nine years old, but loves animals and watching animal rescue shows. One day, Bella noticed online a handbag that was made out of an empty bag of animal feed and decided that she wanted to take on her own little business by making handbags and aprons herself under the supervision of her father.

"I had seen someone post a handbag made from up-cycled farm bags," Couto said. "That's when I realized that we had so many bags lying around, so why not try to do the same?"

For months, Couto and his daughter have been bonding over a sewing machine and a stack of empty feed bags.

"She’s with me every other weekend so sometimes I’m the one making a few customer bags and aprons," Couto said. "She absolutely loves making them."

With over a dozen chickens roaming around the yard, Couto has been getting an ample amount of eggs.

"We now get so many eggs that we don’t know what to do with," Couto said. "She’s been going around our neighborhood selling eggs and saving the money, just so she can buy more chicken food and treats. The same goes for the money from the bags online."

If interested in Bella's aprons and bags, you can purchase them here to help her with her allowance. There's nothing better than seeing a young lady succeed this early in life; not to mention how environmentally sound her business has been and how green her eco-footprint truly is. We could all learn a thing or two from Bella.

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