What in the Rolling Stones "Wild Horses" is happening around here? I understand that "childhood living is easy to do," and apparently so is abandoning giant stuffed horses in parking lots.

I'm all for a good mystery, but this one creeps me out a little. Not one but two oversized plush animals were found left behind in Dartmouth and again in Fall River. It's not like someone dropped a blanket or a smaller toy; this is something that's difficult to lose by accident. I'm afraid to say, but I think we have ourselves a serial toy dumper on our hands here.

Now before I start making assumptions, these two separate incidents could very well just be a coincidence and if that's the truth, then I hope this article helps these stuffed animals find their way back to their child.

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Courtesy Mary Alcobia
Courtesy Mary Alcobia

The first case occurred on December 30 in the parking lot of Shaws in Dartmouth. A magical unicorn, as big as a medium-sized dog, was left leaning against the carriage corral all alone. A part of me thinks that it was left by accident while trying to make room for groceries, but another part of me wonders, how can you forget something that big and not realize that it's not in the back seat?

Again, no judging, just trying to get down to the bottom of this mystery.

Photo Credit: Liz Shar
Courtesy Liz Shar

The second case happened just today, January 10, outside of Amaral's Market in Fall River. A brown horse was left behind in the parking lot and found by a woman named Liz Shar who said that she "moved it out of the way of cars and notified one of the staff at Amaral's". This happened in broad daylight around 3:05 p.m.

If this is in fact a prank, let's not forget about the fact that it's still littering. Grocery stores are short-staffed as it is and have far more important things to do than to pick up trash, regardless if it's part of the job description or not. Someone out there is leaving creepy oversized stuffed animals and I have so many questions for them.

I said what I said.

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