When I was younger, my Betty Boop doll and I were inseparable. I took her on car rides, play dates, and bathroom breaks. Wherever I went, Betty went. Even though I’m reaching the finish line of my 20s, I still remember the love I had for that doll.

When I saw that a doll was left behind at Farm and Coast Market in South Dartmouth, I knew I had to find its rightful owner.

Farm and Coast Market, located in Padanaram Village, is a hub for locals looking for casual dining and delicious craft beer. It attracts all kinds of guests from across the SouthCoast, and on this particular occasion, one “guest” got left behind.

The market posted a photo on its Facebook page of a porcelain doll propped up on a ledge, with beautiful black hair under a sunhat and a dress to match, holding up a note that read, “I’m lost. Do you recognize me? I was left behind in the F&C Ladies Room. Help me find my home. Love, Dolly.”

I won’t lie to you, if I walked into the Farm and Coast ladies' room and saw this doll casually sitting there, I would be a bit startled. I watch a lot of scary movies, so my thoughts would be running wild about this doll’s origin.

But the truth is, Dolly’s owner must be worried sick. I know my younger self would be distraught over losing Betty, and Dolly isn’t an ordinary doll. A porcelain doll is a keepsake that should be safe in the arms of her owner.

So can you help me find Dolly’s home?

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