According to the Park's Facebook page, several dogs have been diagnosed and are being treated for kennel cough. 

If you have dogs, you know that the kennel cough vaccine is sometimes only given to dogs that frequent boarders or indoor doggie daycares. But the Dartmouth Dog Park is now warning that while most kennel cough cases are transmitted indoors, it is possible for dogs to catch it from other animals outside - like at dog parks!

They say the first step is to make sure they are vaccinated for kennel cough, before taking them to any public space that has other animals. The second way to prevent any disease from spreading is to make sure your dog isn't sharing food or water bowls with any of their fur-friends.

The Dog Park has also removed the communal toy basket as the saliva on items is what actually contains the virus. They are taking the water bowl out of the park as well, so make sure you bring your own water if you're taking your dog for playtime!

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