What's going on with Buster's Sports Bar and Grill on Route 6 in Dartmouth? Is the property for sale? Is it true some medical group wants to scoop it up to add to the medical facility next door? What's the story about my Buster's gift card? Am I stuck with it?

The answers to these questions are no, no and no.

Buster's owner, developer Michael Panagakos, is one of the most successful and prosperous entrepreneurs on the SouthCoast, one who opened his first restaurant over 50 years ago. He said that Buster's hasn't been and is not on the market.

"Let me clear up some of these rumors going around," Panagakos said. "We've had three offers recently for Buster's, all of them over $2 million, and I refused them all. It's not for sale! We'll re-open Buster's, that's my plan, but not until COVID recedes and it's safe for my employees and my customers."

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What about the people who have Buster's gift cards? There were questions posted on social media from some folks who still are holding gift cards for Buster's and wondering if they are now useless.

"I'm not aware of anyone reaching out about redeeming any gift cards, but we'll be glad to cash them in," Panagakos said. "Either by either calling my office at (508) 998-3911, or emailing me at Bustersrt6dart@gmail.com for full reimbursement."

Panagakos is well aware of the financial struggles people have endured throughout the pandemic, and is sympathetic because he had his own financial struggles growing up.

"When we were growing up on Water Street, we didn't have a lot, but what we did have were the best parents who made sure us kids understood that achievement and a good work ethic go hand in hand," he said.

Speaking of parents, there's something else that's developing with Panagakos, and it has nothing to do with brick and mortar. These days, along with his wife and partner Jennifer, Panagakos makes time to balance his business growth with time to "enjoy our little guy, who's 18 months old and brimming with round-the-clock energy," he said.

Asked if he'd like to see his son be part of the family business someday, Panagakos chuckled. "What do you mean someday?" he asked. "He's already on the payroll."

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