Caffeine withdrawls. It's a pain that you have to go through the next few days if you want to cut it out of your life once and for all, and that's what I'm going through now.

I am an avid soda drinker. On an average day, I can drink a few 20 oz. bottles of Coca-Cola, and I know it's not good to do that, but caffeine is addicting and I can vouch for that firsthand.

So it's now Thursday, and after four days of extreme headaches, I might be in the clear of caffeine once and for all. I am on a mission to lose weight, like we all promise ourselves when a new year begins. Another great thing is, by cutting out just soda from my diet, I can easily lose 15 pounds by cutting all that sugar out too.

Wish me luck. Hopefully in a few months, I'll be down a few pounds.

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