Across the country, people are reporting clown sightings - sometimes friendly, sometimes frightening, but always weird. While there haven't been any reported crimes committed by clowns in the immediate area, police are aware of the latest public craze.

Dartmouth Police Detective Kyle Costa tells WBSM News residents should treat any clowns outside of a circus setting as they would anyone else they don't know. "Don't do anything that you wouldn't normally do with another stranger," says Costa. "I guess the best way to put it is they're a stranger dressed up like a clown, so treat them accordingly."

Costa says the clown craze isn't changing the way police do their jobs. "We're going about business like we do daily. There's nothing that we've done as far as putting out any extra 'clown patrols.' I can't believe I'm actually saying this," Costa said, summing up the disbelief that many across the nation share. "We're just being more vigilant in our patrols. Certainly, they (the clowns) are going to stand out amongst the crowd."

Costa says there haven't been any clown sightings in Dartmouth, but there have been reports of lurking clowns in Swansea and New Bedford. He says, as is routine, police are keeping an eye out for any suspicious activity.