Today’s weather has me in a wonderful mood. It’s the type of weather that if you don’t go outside and enjoy it, it’s not a day well spent. I’ve been craving warm weather, and I have a feeling my indoor cats have been too.

Last year, I admitted to buying cat leashes for them so they could lounge on our back deck without getting away from me, but this year, I’m attempted to take them for a little catwalk. Does that make me a crazy cat lady?

It all started when my orange cat, Piper, would scratch ferociously at the door whenever the sun was shining through it as if she knew it was a gorgeous day out. My fiancé and I took a chance and got them leashes. To be honest, I felt a little silly, but hey, they sell them, so I can’t be the only one.

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This afternoon, as we were soaking up the sun together, I remembered my neighbors like to take their indoor cats for walks, but they don't use leashes. They actually invested in a cat cart. It’s basically a stroller for cats, and it’s certainly a cute sight, but I can’t bring myself to purchase one.

I have to settle for leashes. But is it safe? Will they bolt on me or will they love it?

It’s safe to say I’ll do anything for Marley and Piper, but I want them to be safe and I don’t think I’m at an age where I’m ready to be deemed “that neighborhood lady who walks her cats.”

Asking for a fellow cat parent to tell me if it’s acceptable or total crazy cat lady behavior.

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