After a "bomb cyclone" hit the SouthCoast last month, Derek and Jason Couto decided to do another one of their famous roof giveaways.

They did one with Fun 107 last year and surprised a veteran and his wife in Wareham. Now, heading into another cold and snowy winter, Couto Construction is doing it again. For the past several weeks, people have been entering to win a replacement roof on

We drew the grand prize winner this morning on The Rock and Fox Show. The winner was Stephen Coe from Plymouth. When he answered the phone, he told us that he was on his way up to Boston Children's Hospital again. His son, Brayton, is struggling with (or JRA) and a host of side effects that the arthritis and its treatments are bringing. Brayton's illness has been a real challenge in many ways for the Coe family, including financially.

"Insurance only goes so far," Stephen told Fun 107, "Then at some point, they start laughing at you."

Even the simple costs of gas, parking, food, and taking the day off from work add up in a big way.

But regardless of Brayton's condition, the Coe's roof needed replacement.

"I'd put it off for one more year if I could, but my wife is getting nervous," joked Stephen.

Inside the Fun 107 studio, Jason and Derek Couto were getting choked up listening to the struggles that the Coe family is going through.

Take a listen to the audio of us surprising Stephen on the player above.

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