How many times have you done it, or at least seen a live lobster dropped into boiling water? Well, it will soon be illegal in one country...Switzerland.Their government felt that it is mean and cruel to put a lobster to death by throwing it into a boiling pot of water.

As of March, it will be against the law to throw a live lobster into boiling water in Switzerland. reports that the new Swiss law requires lobsters to be knocked out before they are placed into the pot. It will also be against the law to transport the live lobsters in ice or ice water. The laws are based on the idea that lobsters can feel pain from the extreme cold and extreme heat. Apparently, the Swiss Government will issue guidelines on how to kill the lobsters quickly and more humanely.

Will this law be adopted by other countries? The CNN report also says that it is illegal for restaurants in Italy to keep live lobsters in ice water. They have yet to ban the boiling of live lobsters.

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