Could it possibly be true?  Well scientist say there is a mass of molten rock forming beneath parts of New England.  This could eventually lead to the formation of a volcano.

According to a report in Newsweek, scientists at Yale and Rutgers Universities have found evidence that heated rock is swelling underneath the region.  The activity is concentrated under Central Vermont and Western New Hampshire, and to a lesser degree under Western Massachusetts.  The study also suggests that the New England area is less stable than scientist had believed.  Very little seismic activity was ever  detected in the region until now.

Should we be alarmed?  According to the study, if a volcano were to form due to this activity, it would take millions of years.  The scientists plan to keep the study going to find out if other areas under New England may have the same activty happening.

Again, no reason to panic.  The formation of a super-volcano can take as long as 200 million years.

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