Fall River police arrested a homeless woman for allegedly stealing five live lobsters from Shaw's at knifepoint Thursday night.

The Herald News reports that 34-year-old Yesena Delarosa-Santana was arrested for allegedly walking out of the supermarket on North Main Street without paying for the lobsters.

A store security officer tried to stop her, but she reportedly took out a box cutter and threatened to stab him.

Delarosa-Santana was spotted leaving the scene in a black pickup truck that police tracked by the license plate number to Plymouth. Officers found Delarosa-Santana sleeping in the truck with the lobsters and the box cutter was on the center console.

She was arrested and according to the Herald became upset at the police station when officers took her earrings as evidence. They say she is alleged to have said

Why are you seizing my earrings just for lobsters. They're only lobsters."

No word on how she was planning to cook the lobsters.

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