Let me be clear, this is not a political post. I'm not taking any sides but I did notice on social media that people are beginning to boycott Goya products because the CEO Robert Unanue came out as a big supporter of President Trump, leading to the hashtag #BoycottGoya.

A number of Latino voices have come out in support of the Goya boycott.

This made me think about my grandmother's cooking. She would always use Goya products. Just about everything she would cook would have their beans, spices and seasonings. I mean, the Sazon is one of the main ingredients in Mozambique seasoning.

Just thinking about all the Goya we use in many of our favorite foods here on the SouthCoast, I couldn't imagine cutting out all Goya products.

I know my Portuguese grandmother would have pretty bare kitchen cabinets if she decided to boycott Goya products. I bet if you look in your kitchen you probably have at least one Goya item in there.

It looks like the only competitor that comes close to Goya is Del Monte Foods, which is mainly canned goods and not necessarily the same spices that Goya carries. They actually appear to have mostly canned fruits.

Think of all the restaurants that have Mozambique on the menu. It wouldn't taste the same without the Sazon seasoning. Or having the White Bean Portuguese soup without Goya beans? Not to mention those who like to drink Malta, or who use their rice, grains, oils, and other products in their cooking without a single thought. These are staples of our area.

So what do you think? Would our area be able to take part in a Goya boycott? Luckily, I think my grandmother probably has enough stocked up already to last our family awhile.

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