Don't mess with the Girl Scouts. One former troop treasurer found that one out the hard way.

Challenger mug shot
ABC6 News/WLNE-TV 2015

31-year-old Renee Challenger used to be a Girl Scout troop treasurer in Attleboro, but now she is awaiting trial for stealing cookies and cash from the organization.

Police says Challenger stands accused of stealing over $700 in cash and cookies and has been charged with one count of larceny and embezzlement.

Girl Scout officials contacted the police about Challenger back in March when she failed to turn over the balance of a bank account she had control over. She claims she mailed the organization a check, but Girl Scout officials say the never received it.

According to ABC 6, Challenger was arrested on Sunday and released on $500 cash bail. She is due back in court in June.

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