A large-scale contractor scam has found its way to Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

East Providence Police issued a statement warning residents about the scam that has resulted in the loss of thousands of dollars for local families.

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Here is the department’s official statement:

East Providence has experienced approximately 3 documented incidents in the past week, other agencies (Providence, Lincoln, Seekonk) have also reported similar incidents over the past couple of weeks. These scams are resulting in the loss of thousands of dollars to our residents.

This appears to be a larger-scale scam being operated by many different smaller groups throughout the area. They are primarily younger males (20’s and 30’s), with European accents, and are believed to be undocumented. They also may bring along day laborers to complete some of the work.


They are primarily targeting elderly homeowners. They will drive through neighborhoods looking for targets and inform the homeowner that they are doing work in the area and noticed they could use some repairs to their chimney, foundation, steps, etc. They will show up in pickup trucks without visible registration plates or out-of-state registration plates.

Police said the groups usually request direct payment to multiple people or one person, and ask that the checks not be made out to a company. They listed several companies that are not legitimate: Homecare Masonry and Roofing, Vintage Paving and Masonry, Greater Boston Masonry & Construction, TDM Property Solutions, Safeguard Masonry and Waterproofing and Stay Dry Waterproofing and Masonry.

"Please verify that any of these companies are legitimate prior to having them complete any work," police said.

Authorities added:

If you are suspicious of the person(s) at your residence, contact the police department immediately. In East Providence, none of these individuals are granted permission for solicitation through city hall.

Use caution, protect yourselves and your neighbors, and if you are unsure, please contact the police department immediately.

When in doubt, always use caution.

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