It's been a whirlwind for clubgoers in Cranston with the closing, reopening and now reclosing of a popular night club.

Back in November Mardi Gras Multi Club announced that after nearly 3 decades they would be closing their doors for good.

They even sold off their famous 25-foot shark to a local clam shack!

But only a month after party people got their "final farewell' groove on, the owner of Mardi Gras announced that the club would be back in action under a new name...Club 5.

Shockingly just a month after that news comes word that they are closing their doors once again!

Yep, a Facebook post on May 7th shared the news that this Saturday, May 12th, will be the end of the short-lived Club 5.

club 5 post
Club 5 Formerly Mardi Gras MultiClub Facebook page

No word on why they are closing the Club 5 doors so soon, but plenty of people seem to be getting a laugh out of a news.

Jokes were bein g made on FB about it only being the 'final farewell' until the owner decides to open something else in the same location again or that they're just going to renovate all summer and reopen in September.

And for now there seems to be no reason to think that any of those things couldn't happen.

But I guess if you want to party at the popular night club one last time just to be safe, this is the weekend to do it.

And according to FB, you can get in for FREE on Friday night if you share their Facebook post and arrive by 10p.

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