It was up for sale on Facebook recently, but now the 25-foot Mardi Gras shark has found a new home.

As Flo's Clam Shack wrote..."Going to need a bigger shack."

That's because the seafood restaurant has purchased the 25-foot shark that used to live at Mardi Gras Multi Club in Cranston.

Flo's Clam Shack has locations in both Portsmouth and Middletown but they say their new shark will reside at the Middletown location at 4 Wave Ave.

A fitting name for the shark's new residence!

They may at some point move it to Portsmouth however, cause if you've got a 25-foot shark why not show it off everywhere?

You can visit the Mardi Gras shark at it's new home when Flo's opens for the season on March 21st.

And if you want some of the former Mardi Gras decor for yourself, former club owners say things like the iconic palm trees and more will soon also be on sale.

Though they may want to hang on to a few things, because according to the former club's Facebook page they are working on re-opening...

Mardi Gras FB post
Mardi Gras MultiClub Facebook page

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