Field trips are arguably one of the best parts about school. Whether you’re going to the Plimoth Plantation to churn butter (for the 10th time) or walking under the whale skeleton that is till leaking oil at the New Bedford Whaling Museum, field trips on the SouthCoast are unforgettable.

A few places are particularly memorable, so we asked the audience which ones stand out for them.

I was surprised to see how many people responded with Sunbeam Bread. According to “Hat Rack,” you got a loaf of bread, pencil box of donuts, and a ruler. Clearly, I am missing out on the goodness that is Sunbeam.

Tracy Wunschel
Tracy Wunschel

I share a few of the field trip memories with the listeners, like taking in a show at the Zeiterion Theatre and visiting Buttonwood Park Zoo. And who can forget the musical stairs at the Boston Science Museum?

I think the one trip that EVERYONE and their grandmother goes on is the Plimoth Plantation. I thought I learned how to make soap in the third grade, but a listener reminded me that it was butter that we were all churning, not soap.

Karen Correia
Karen Correia

On that same day, we walked to Plymouth Rock. It may have been the most underwhelming part of that field trip, but I still remember exactly how it looks!

I never had the pleasure of attending the Newport Mansions on a field trip, but that is a fond memory for many. The beautiful homes on the shore are like our own little castles.

Here are all the locations our listeners mentioned (in no particular order):

1. Zeiterion Theatre
2. Boston Science Museum
3. Buttonwood Park
4. Sunbeam Bread
5. Faneuil Hall
6. Plimoth Plantation
7. Plymouth Rock
8. New Bedford Whaling Museum
9. Dartmouth Children’s Museum
10. Boston Children’s Museum
11. Mystic Aquarium
12. New England Aquarium
13. Lays potato chip factory
14. Edaville Railroad
15. Hat Rack
16. State Capitol
17. Paragon Park at Nantasket Beach
18. Lincoln Park
19. Rod & gun club
20. Prince Spaghetti Factory
21. Roger Williams Park Zoo
22. Somerset high school planetarium
23. Whale watching in the bay
24. Lloyd Center
25. Rocky Point
26. Battleship Cove
27. Sturbridge village
28. Newport Mansions

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