The sunshine we are enjoying today just can't be taken for granted. We are finally getting a little taste of summer, and we are riding that wave all the way to tomorrow when we launch a Seize The Deal with one of the South End's favorite summer spots, Clark's Point Creamery.

If there's one popular summer spot in New Bedford's South End, it is Clark's Point Creamery. From burgers and fries to hot dogs and tuna rolls, you get that good old fashioned nostalgic feeling in your belly when you stand and order at their take-out window.

Clark's Point Creamery is especially great on a sunny day like today, when you get a chance to enjoy your food while it's piping hot at one of their many picnic tables with umbrellas.

There's plenty of space for little ones to play and even some playhouses and climbing toys for kids to play on.

Tomorrow (Wednesday) morning at 9 a.m. sharp, we'll be selling half-price gift cards to Clark's Point Creamery. Buy $20 worth of gift cards for $10. There will be a limited supply of these discounted gift cards, so please be ready to buy precisely at 9 a.m.

You can easily find the deal by clicking on the button below tomorrow morning at 9.

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