Gloria Estefan announced Christina Aguilera as the next performer at the 2012 American Music Awards, basically saying that she was the voice of our generation. We apologize, our ears were clouded out of sheer excitement for her performance.

Interestingly enough, Aguilera opened with the intro track from her album 'Lotus,' which we kind of dig. Dressed in a pink sheer pashmina and black leotard, and flanked by background dancers, the singer looked gorgeous -- her makeup was subtle, and her blonde locks were worn straight, with her bangs cut straight across her forehead. It's a look she should stick with!

As she began singing the second song off her album, 'Army of Me,' she ditched the pink and settled for the black sequined leotard of sorts with knee high black boots. The song is one for the haters, who've ridiculed Aguilera in the recent past for her weight, among other things. Her vocals were strong, but weren't the typical Aguilera octaves we've come to know and love.

Soon after, she treated the audience to a performance of 'Let There Be Love,' proudly expressing the same message: share love, not hate. Again, her vocals were there, but almost sounded drowned out by the back up vocals -- we know, we had no idea that could be a possibility during a Christina Aguilera performance.

Nonetheless, she had fun with her performance, looked great (albeit, maybe a bit too tan) and sounded good, just not her best. Had she opted for a ballad off 'Lotus,' like 'Blank Page' or 'Empty Words,' she would've shined and delivered an incomparable performance.

Also... we're not exactly sure why 'Your Body' -- the album's lead single -- was nowhere to be found. 'Make the World Move,' the album's second single, which she performed this past week on 'The Voice' with Cee Lo Green, was also absent. None of the songs she performed tonight are planned singles... yet.

Watch Christina Aguilera Perform at the 2012 American Music Awards

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