If there's one thing people don't seem to learn here at FUN 107, when you leave something such as food or candy out in the open, Larry will probably grab it.

This morning, while getting ready for the show, something caught my eye, like an ostrich spying a piece of shiny metal. On the countertop was something I enjoyed heavily as a kid when I used to go the JoAnne's Nut House in the Dartmouth Mall, back in the 80's, a bag of cherry sours.

These things are very addictive. I had just a few, which turned into a few more, then a few more, well you know how this story ends.

I'm assuming they belonged to Billy Teed. Sorry man. You can't leave something as tasty as cherry sours lurking around. Tell you what. I'll owe you a bag if you want one to replace the one I ate. Hide it better next time.