The Chip and Joanna Gaines line is coming to Target stores soon and the display for their merchandise is no joke.

I feel like this was totally Joanna Gaines' idea. I mean, Target is great at marketing, but Joanna knows what she wants and she seems to make it happen.

So when I heard that the Target display for her home collection would literally look like a home inside the store, I thought it had Joanna written all over it!

If you've seen some construction inside your favorite Target lately, that's probably because they're busy putting this 12-foot tall house up...

According to, the house display for the Gaines' Hearth & Hand with Magnolia collection is meant to show buyers what the items would look like in their homes.

They say 500 Target stores will feature the new display for the new line starting Sunday November 5th. Other stores will feature the line, but not the massive display.

Hearth & Hand with Magnolia will have 300 piece including home decor, apparel, kitchenware items and even items like a toy dollhouse. Most will sell for under $30.

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