It was a rough reality to face as the last remaining Survivor auditions for Seasons 41 and 42 were turned away after waiting hours outside in cold temperatures.

I use the terminology "rough reality," because I was one of those audition-seeking fans of the show waiting patiently in line.

The auditions were from 10 a.m. to noon on Monday at the CBS Sports Club at Patriot Place in Foxborough. Due to work, I arrived in line around 10:15 a.m., still pretty close to the start time, and waited outside for over  three hours, almost until 2 p.m. CBS Boston released the following statement in its rules and regulations for the casting call:

"Audition line will shut off promptly at 12:00 Noon; however CBS will make every effort to audition each individual who gets in line by 12 Noon."

As much as I appreciate the part where they claim to make every effort, they still let a good crowd of people down. Approximately 75 people were left in line, including myself, when a representative came outside to tell everyone waiting that they were done and weren't interviewing anyone else, but with no explanation as to why.

"It came from 'upstairs,' I'm just the messenger, I have no say," the CBS worker proclaimed.

Now, I've been disappointed before, but never like this.

For the past week, ever since Michael Rock planted the seed in my head to give it a shot, I've been pretty excited. Unfortunately, I didn't even get past the doors after braving the frigid weather on Monday.

Here's the kicker.

I stopped into the Red Robin that was right next door to where we stood waiting and was in there for about 45 minutes with my buddy Joe, a New Bedford police officer who was also trying his shot at a spot in the Survivor "alliance" and was stunned to see people still getting interviewed.

Apparently, a source of mine who was also auditioning for his 25th time in the past 20 years (I will keep his name anonymous) said that people stuck around after they told us to leave and were able to score themselves an audition.

Listen, I get it, I work in media too, but I just wanted to know why they couldn't accommodate the remaining people left in line for a quick 30-second face-to-face with the interviewer. Honestly, I only needed about 15 seconds to present my case, but I couldn't even get that after making the trip out to Patriot Place.

Please CBS, I'm just looking for answers and a shot at your show. I promise you that I'm not the only one, and I speak on behalf of all the people who were told to just go home after waiting for hours. We deserve a chance to be seen. That's all.

Hopefully there wasn't someone in the left-behind line that was a money-making ratings-booster. Just saying.

Thank you for your time, since I already gave you mine.

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