I love a good carnival as much as the next person. The food, the rides, games - ahhh, yes, the games. If you have a squirt gun in your hands, and your trying to out squirt the person next to you, then, sure, its fun.

You slap down your 3 bucks, and walk away with a stuffed animal that MAYBE cost them 50 cents. BUT, as I walked towards the basketball shootout booth and ALMOST gave the attendant five dollars to shoot three basketballs into the rim to win my 4four year old a stuffed bunny, I noticed one thing. The ball was bigger than the rim!!!

Upon furthur inspection I found that the rim was OVAL!!! Yes, pretty much impossible to sink ANY shot. However, there was the attendent, with a wad of cash from unsuspecting patrons as each person clanged another shot off the rim. I love the fair, but come on, give us a "fair" shake.