And just like that, they've done it again. Cards Against Humanity just won't let me quit.

According to Popsugar, there's a new deck that has arrived for all you Cards Against Humanity fans. Oh, it's for all you fans of the hit sitcom Friends, too. Yep, the two worlds are merging, which is pure perfection. I mean honestly, I sort of want to play this game with the entire cast of Friends, along with my own friends.

It was created by an Etsy user and it's called The One With All The Cards. It's not officially a Cards Against Humanity deck, but it's basically the exact same game for all intents and purposes.

The game comes with 99 gray cards and 180 white cards. Obviously, everything is based and centered around Friends. The game is available on Etsy and will run you about $37 ($36.99 to be exact). If you can't afford to drop that much green, there's a downloadable and printable version for just six bucks.

I know there's going to be a lot of wild nights wasted with this game and to be completely honest, I'm so here for it. Go grab some drinks. Call up some friends of your own and get ready for a great night of nonsense.

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