Marvel has rarely, if ever, given us a dud in their cinematic universe, but Captain Marvel was a pure dud.

Sure, the movie collected big time at the box office. At this point, not only does any other Marvel movie, but any superhero movie does. People hated Batman v Superman, and yet they pocketed a ton of cash anyway. So before you start screaming box office numbers, know that's not the measuring stick when it comes to what makes a good movie or not.

Now, I had a lot of issues with this movie. First and foremost, iit seemingly reduced Nick Fury to a clumsy buddy cop. They stripped away the cool allure of his character and even made the story behind his messed up eye far less interesting than it could've been. He was probably the most entertaining part of the entire movie, but it's just not on beat with how Nick Fury has been presented to us throughout and it sort of ruined him a little.

Next is the issue with character development. Marvel has succeeded enormously in making us care about their characters. Even their bad guys draw you in. Captain Marvel had none of that. The world was never really in danger. Truthfully, it didn't feel like anything was really in any imminent danger. I sat through a whole movie and never found a point where I truly cared about her and what was happening in her life. I was just sitting there watching her do stuff.

Brie Larson also didn't bring her best. She's a great actress and I'm not here to debate that, but maybe being a superhero isn't her thing. All superhero movies are going to have a little cheesiness involved. Some lines that are pretty corny, but it's all about being able to sell it to the audience. She didn't. Her acting felt off the entire film. I never felt like I was drawn into the movie. I very much could tell I was just watching one.

In the end, it felt like I watched an entire Marvel movie just to find out what that stupid beeper was about at the end of Avengers: Infinity War. 

This was Marvel's version of the meeting that could have been an email. A movie that was shoehorned into the universe when it didn't really need to be.

Either way, that's behind us now and now we can turn our sights to the main event, Avengers: Endgame.

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