According to Cape Cod Times, a few schools on the Cape including Waldorf in Cotuit and Forestdale in Sandwich will not be giving homework to students in Pre-K, first grade, and second grade. Homework starts up in grade three.

Waldorf School, a private school in Cotuit has had a no homework policy for some time, but they have now put it into writing. The unofficial policy is now official, and on the school's website. The focus for Waldorf is to encourage play time and spending time with family after school, rather than spending the evening working on Math and English assignments.


Forestdale School in Sandwich has a similar policy. They plan on replacing homework that would be traditionally given, with time for playing outside or taking a walk.

The teachers that went over the homework guidelines decided that emotional and social development for first and second graders takes precedence over a review of what was learned during the day. In addition, research shows that, in young students, there is little correlation between homework and academic success in the classroom.

Taking this research into account, a few schools in Cape Cod have decided to assign homework from only third grade on. Pre-K through second grade go homework free.

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