One Cape Cod school has gotten creative with its space by setting up an outdoor igloo as a classroom.

Whether your kids are doing virtual learning, going back to in-person learning, or a hybrid, it's been a confusing time for parents and students.

Many parents are in desperate need for their kids to get back into the classroom so that they can go to work and make a living. Those same parents are also worried about their kids' safety.

Either way, it's a tough call parents are having to make.

But for parents of children attending kindergarten at the Waldorf School of Cape Cod this year, they may be pleasantly surprised to see the school taking a creative measure to make ensure social distancing while still providing an educational atmosphere.

The school has installed an igloo on its Sandwich campus and many parents and students are excited about this.

It's an idea that came about after the school had seen how outdoor classes were being held in Denmark.

For those parents that are sending their kids back to school, what do you think of this igloo classroom?

To me, t's still an enclosed space, even more so than a classroom. If it's allowing for fewer students in overcrowded classrooms, then sure, it will help with social distancing. Also, what is this school going to do when it gets cold out or if there is snow on the ground?

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