Here's a fun thing to do if you are a history buff.  A restored mansion on the Cape is recognizing its history by hosting a series of throwback dinners.  How far are they going back?  All the way to 1899.

The mansion was originally built by Samuel Mayo Nickerson and his wife Matilda back in 1890.  The huge home was used as the Nickerson's summer cottage.  The Brewster mansion was their escape from the hustle and bustle of Chicago, where Nickerson founded some banks, sold liquor, and manufactured explosives during the Civil War.  The Nickersons were direct descendants of the first English settlers on Cape Cod.  The family has ties back to the Mayflower.

Sadly, the mansion burned to the ground in 1906, and took years to rebuild, opening its doors again in 1912.

Now, the mansion is part of the Ocean Edge Resort and Golf Club, and they have planned some fun dinners to give guests a chance to "Party Like It's 1899."  The first dinner in the series will happen on April 28.

The dinner table will be run as if it were the Gilded Age.  It will be set for 22 people and guests will converse with the people seated to their left and right.  Back in the day, the rules were simple.  There were three topics that were off limits at the dinner table:  money, religion, and politics.  Picture the glitz and glamour of The Great Gatsby and you have the right idea.

The dinner will celebrate the family history and showcase how they would dine including the table décor, the candelabras, the place settings, and the actual menu items from their era, including chicken, fish, and a bon bon dessert.  The waitstaff will be dressed in period attire and guests are encouraged to join in if they'd like.

There is even talk of requiring guests to turn in their phones in exchange for vintage cameras.

Stunning Pictures of the Historic Ocean Edge and Resort Golf Club

Imagine having a throwback dinner the year 1899.

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