In an incident that is classic Cape Cod, a couple of Millbillies (If you're not up on the slang, a Millbillie is someone who resides in the small village of Marstons Mills) had it out this weekend. It all started when neighbors were drinking together, then an argument breaks out. One of them puts an arrow from a bow and arrow through the windshield of the other neighbors car. In retaliation, the neighbor with a fresh hole through his windshield retaliates in a way you wouldn't expect, he jogs next door and grabs a shot gun and immediately blows out the windows of the neighbor who had done him wrong.

No this is not made up. Barnstable police received several 911 calls about gunshots in the area of Gooseberry Lane shortly after 3 a.m., according to a police press release.

Police officers found Dwayne Peters, 31, walking near 37 Gooseberry Lane with a shotgun, when officers showed up, Peters allegedly charged the officers' cruiser, throwing himself across the car's hood in a drunken fashion. The officers arrested Peters without further incident.Thankfully, no injuries from this.

The investigation into the incident remains open, and is a good example of what not to do when arguing with a neighbor.





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