If you're looking for a place to crash and you're in the area of Cambridge, Massachusetts, you may be in luck!

A man in Cambridge, MA put all the snow that has fallen in the past week, to good use and built himself an igloo! It's not for him though...he's renting it out! Yup, igloo for rent, if you're looking for a place to stay, not exactly to get warm, but to "chill" if you will, than this igloo could be for you for the low, low price of $10 per night!

The igloo was built by a man named Pier and it's located on Putnam Ave. in Cambridge. There looks to be a blue tarp inside and Pier says it can fit one person comfortably, two if you're willing to spoon.

He posted his igloo to the site Airbnb, and this is what he wrote:

"This is an igloo.

Yes. It is very cool. Juno made it.

Comfortably fits 1, or 2 if curled up. You can use the house bathroom and kitchen if you need. Tarp and yoga mattress provided. You’ll need to bring your sleeping bag.


Pier adds, if you have an extra guest stay with you in the igloo, there's no extra charge, and it's pretty sweet that he is allowing use of his bathroom and kitchen, which ARE inside and presumably heated.

Honestly, I think it's a pretty sweet idea!  Sure, it's really cold outside, and it wouldn't be ideal for most of us, but I bet it would be an upgrade for someone who might not have a place to live!  Smart thinking Pier!

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