The Dartmouth Police Department recently received a letter from a couple in California who were touched by the tribute video that they made during the Lip Sync Challenge.

The department posted the note on their Facebook page with this caption:

"Though our reason for making the video was not to receive accolades and/or gain notoriety, we are still humbled and honored by the response that we have been receiving from the public. The members of DPD thank you ALL for your continued support."

Dartmouth Police Department Facebook
Dartmouth Police Department Facebook

To the Dartmouth Police Department,
Your video is touching and respectful; heartbreaking and emotional; moving and tender. Thank you for doing this loving tribute. May God bless you all and keep you safe always, (Signatures) Police Parents.

The note itself is beautiful, but I think it holds even more meaning coming from the parents of one or more police officers. Prayers to all men and women who protect our communities each and every day.

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