If your New Year’s Resolution is to give back, then the Buzzards Bay Area Habitat for Humanity wants you. They’ve almost completed their Mattapoisett home build, but need a few more volunteers to do it.

If you’re free around 9 a.m., and/or lunch, they’re asking for you and your group of friends to jump in. The work will be each Saturday through the end of February or until they finish the project.

Not ready to jump at the chance to work with the gang? Well, maybe you need more of an introduction. Buzzards Bay Area Habitat for Humanity has been bringing people together to build homes since 1996. They serve the area’s most vulnerable families with their pay-it-forward housing partnership. They guide families to become part of their own housing solution.

You can help craft affordable homes alongside families who struggle to pay rent or make mortgage payments in the community. By involving yourself in this form of giving, you help a family build a foundation and a future.

If you’re interested, they ask that you please send an email with your availability to volunteer for one or two of the timeslots for any Saturday through the end of February. That email is buzzardsbayareahabitat@yahoo.com.

Finally, let’s say that physical labor isn’t for you. You can lend a hand by supporting a local restaurant involved with Habitat, by donating a gift card to supply the coffee break or lunch shifts. The specific local restaurants to reach out to are Dunkin', 143 Market Deli, On the Go, and Nick's Pizza.

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