This will single-handedly be the strangest topic of my life thus far, but it has to be said.

Parents of the SouthCoast: My question to you is this: When was your first time buying diapers and how did you know which ones to get?

I'm aware that this is most certainly a first-world problem to have, and could quite easily make me look dumb, but let me tell you... My first-time experience was a struggle.

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Friends invited me to their 1-year-old twins' birthday party. Unfortunately, I had to work, but I still wanted to get the kiddos something to help out the parents. Diapers were highly recommended in the invite, so I stuck with that.

Walking into Fairhaven's Stop & Shop, I was not prepared for what awaited me in the diaper aisle.

Immediately overwhelmed by the various brands, sizes and styles, I didn't know where to begin.

There were "little Snugglers" and "Swaddlers" (whatever that means). I'm assuming "Cruisers" were for active babies who can walk. Then, there were "dry diapers." I mean, diapers are meant to get wet, right?

How does one know what to buy their first time at the store?

Nearby was a grocery associate who thankfully saved the day -- and my sanity. I ended up getting a box of "Swaddlers" for babies between the weight of 16 and 26 pounds. Thankfully, they were the correct ones and I owe that nice worker who helped me out. Otherwise, I would have been in the grocery store for an hour.

One last thing. Since I'm out of the loop when it comes to anything related to babies: Have diapers always been that pricey? My goodness. How do parents afford them?

No wonder diapers were the recommended gift. I would have asked for the same.

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