Britney Spears has proven she can attempt to do it all: sing, act (remember 'Crossroads'?), and judge on 'X Factor.' But now it appears as if she's about to tackle Bollywood. But is it true?

Sadanandan Lucsam, a film producer from Kerala, claims that he signed the pop star to appear in his upcoming Hindi production. He added that she would not only be making a cameo in the film, but will be performing a song and dance number as well.

But Brit Brit's rep was quick to slam the rumors, stating that there's "no truth whatsoever" to the story. "They may have signed 'a' Britney spears," her rep added. "But if they did, it's a different Britney Spears and [we] wish them good luck with their production."

We're obviously not surprised that the rumors are false, but we were sort of looking forward to seeing Brit tackle Bollywood-inspired choreography.

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